Maber Marshall Blows Glass


I am a glass artist based in Spruce Pine, NC. In 2011, I moved from my home in St. Louis, MO to accept an artist residency here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and never left. I currently share a studio with my best friend, life partner and fellow glassblower Mike Hayes. 


I dont know how to fully articulate what being a Midwesterner is or means, maybe because I am so thoroughly ‘of’ that region. I never contemplated it until I moved to the South. Never had pride in it, until I left it. But when I try to think about my work and why glass, what pops up is that, my heritage. A long line of farmers and blue collar workers, independent business owners. People that liked to be outside. People prone to manual labor who were willing to get dirty. Stubbornly independent people that made things both out of necessity and hobby. That is how I ended up being a glassblower. That is why I love a process that can be demanding and unforgiving at times. It feels like work. And because of the hard work of the people that came before me, I get the privilege of being a craft artist.  I owe them everything. 


My work is primarily sculptural glass that explores the material’s inherent fluid like properties when hot. I focus on creating organic forms rich with texture and undulating curves. These pieces are achieved with both careful intention and a healthy dose of play.